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Custom Mixes

Azalea & Camellia MixCustom Mixes

Azalea & Camellia Mix is an open mix with good drainage, lower in pH and ideal for these species 140mm pots to 500mm pots.

It is perfect for the home gardener or commercial grower of these particularly fussy plants.

Bonzai Mix

Bonzai Mix is a special mix of 5mm composted bark, sand and sweeteners, specifically designed for shallow pots. The mix also includes zeolite and fertilisers.

This is a great mix for the home hobbyist or professional grower and has been designed for small or large saucer pots.

This mix will feed your special collection for months on end.

Bromeliad Mix

Bromeliad Mix is a combination mix of both raw and composted barks, ash, liming agents and trace elements. It is a very popular commercial mix for 140mm to 400mm Pots.

Increased results are achieved with the application of controlled release fertiliser.

Cactus/Succulent Mix

Cactus/Succulent Mix is the perfect mix for all succulents with a range of composted barks, sands and a slow release fertiliser.

A 'Plant & Forget' mix with added wetting agents and fertilisers and is a favourite with all kinds of growers.

Fern Mix

The Fern Mix is sand-less mix with an open structure and good moisture retaining ability.

This mix is also balanced with wetting agents and water crystals, providing ideal growth properties.

A specialised mix designed for softer foliage species.

Gardenia Mix

Gardenia Mix is similar in characteristics to the Green Fingers B2 Potting Mix, however is lower in pH for this species of plant.

It will assist in the production of good bud and flower growth whilst allowing for thick, shiny foliage. This mix is nice and open with excellent air filled porosity.

Gardenia Mix is a very popular mix, used extensively for this old-fashioned favourite.



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