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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked question that may help you when ordering wholesale landscape supplies from Green Fingers Potting Mix.

Do you sell to the public?

Green Fingers Potting Mix is a wholesale bulk supplier that is open to nurseries, growers and landscapers.

Due to WHS pick-up on our site is only available on Friday's between 8am-2pm.

For information regarding product please call the office on (07) 5546 1099.

How much do your products weigh?

Potting Mixes generally weigh approx. 500kg per cubic metre.

Garden soils weigh approx. 1 tonne per cubic metre.

Do you have a minimum order/charge?

We have a 3m3 minimum order for deliveries.

There are pick-up's allowed on Friday's between 8am-2pm for smaller amounts. If you are a registered nursery, grower or landscaper call the office for access to our site Monday - Thursday.

How to work out volume when ordering?

For planting out a garden bed, the following calculation will apply;

Volume = Length x Width x Depth

For growing in various pot sizes, the following table will apply;

6in = 150mm 1.7L 588
8in = 200mm 4.5L 222
10in = 250mm 9L 111
12in = 300mm  13.5L 74
14in = 350mm 17L 58
16in = 400mm 27L 37
18in = 450mm 40L 25
20in = 500mm 52L 19

Where does Green Fingers deliver to?

We deliver to most of Queensland, and Northern New South Wales. Delivery charges are worked out on an hourly basis.

To discuss delivery to your area, please contact the Green Fingers office. We do have freight companies that we work with outside of these areas too.

What delivery access is required?

We understand that on site access varies with each location. Please call the Green Fingers office to discuss specific requirements based on your site.

Please note that we do require that onsite be clear of any objects that may get in the way of our delivery trucks. For example, low hanging branches, bins, cars etc.

Can I order multiple products on the same truck?

Our trucks do not have splitters installed. The purchase of two different mixes is possible, but may not be recommended based on the products purchased and the purpose of those products. Please call the Green Fingers office to discuss all options.

Trading Hours

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 3:00pm

Pick-ups and Deliveries
Please organise pick-ups and deliveries by contacting our office first.

Weekends & Public Holidays
Closed, unless otherwise stated.

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Ph: (07) 5546 1099

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