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Potting Mix Ingredients - Physical


Composted 0-5mm Bark

Superfine 0–5mm composted bark forms the body of our propagation and tube mixes. 


Composted 0-15mm Bark

0–15mm composted bark is used as an additive to most potting mixes for its open pore space and good physical structure.



Ash is the by-product of burnt black coal and is used for improved drainage and pH buffering.



Basalt is a volcanic mineral with good cation exchange and is used for ballast and drainage in potting media.

It will remineralise the soil and can also often supply trace elements that are lacking. Basalt increases the growth of micro-organisms, resulting in increased plant nutrients.


Crushed Sandstone

Crushed Sandstone is sand in its purest form. It has been double washed and is pathogen free. It is used as a natural wetting agent and for improved drainage.



Zeolite is a highly vulcanised mineral offering open pore space, with the highest cation exchange of all minerals. It retains nutrients longer to lower fertiliser needs and assists with substantial yield improvements. Zeolite also plays part in long term soil improvement.

It is commonly used for nutrient retention, pH buffering, improved water holding ability and drainage. It leads to long term soil improvements and aids in obtaining a 'living soil'.



Perlite is a lightweight mineral used for aeration and wettability in potting media.

When mixed with soil, it allows the water to freely move through to the plant root system where the roots can then draw the water they need without suffering from unintentional draining.

Perlite comes in various sizes.



Compost is made from green organic materials, composted and very rich in natural trace elements, humates and fulvic acid. Used for organic input in potting mixes, it also gives good water holding ability and pathogen resistance.

Compost has various applications based upon its particle size.


Peat Moss

Peat Moss is a composted and aged vegetative matter used for pH adjustments and water retention in propagation media.

It can assist in saving water, reducing leaching, temperature protection and aerating heavy soils. Peat Moss has a reliable pH (typically 3.4 to 4.8) and is a finely screened product used extensively in potting media.


Coir Chip

Coir Chip is a by-product of the coconut. The chip is made from the coconut husk and cut into various size nuggets.

Coir Chip is used for improved air filled porosity, wettability and water holding ability in potting media. It can also increase microorganism activity.

Coir Chip is quite a fibrous product.


Coir Pith

Coir Pith is a by-product of the coconut. The pith is the finer material removed from around the nut and is very similar in looks to Peat Moss. Coir pith is an ideal soil re-wetter, soil structure improver and soil substrate with excellent water holding capacity.

Coir pith is also known as Coir fibre, Coco peat or Coir dust. 


Composted Pine Bark

Composted Pine Bark is the main component in modern day potting media. Decomposition process removes the toxins, tanins and plant pathogens. This method takes from 12-16 week to finish off the 'cooking' process.

Barks are screened into different sizes for blending with other ingredients to form a large majority of our potting mixes.

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