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Green Wall / Green Roof Mixes

Green Wall/Green Roof gardens are extremely popular in modern architecture. Providing the best mixes for these gardens can be difficult due to their locations and engineering.

Our vertical and raised platform garden growing media is designed specifically to be innovative, lightweight and durable for use on rooftops etc. without causing any structural issues to buildings.

Need Technical Assistance?

Green Fingers' professional technical staff are available to assist in designing the best blend for your project regardless of the size. Green Fingers Potting Mix have a successful history in supplying Green Wall/Green Roof mixes, so please do not hesitate to contact the team for help

We have a depth of experience in using the right materials to improve longevity, structural integrity and bulk density of this specialised growing media. Let the Green Fingers team advise you on how to achieve superior growing results by optimising these parameters in your vertical or raised platform gardening.


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